Giovanni Pulze, was born in Italy at Piove di Sacco in the province of Padua on 1960, now resident in  Badoere in the province of Treviso. First solo exhibitions in 1981.   From a casual encounter with the “Maestro” Orlando Fasano at the time retired in the country  side of Venice in Mogliano Veneto after having spent many years in Paris and meeting and  working with many famous painters like of Picasso, Mirò, Cocteau and Prevert, a great friendship  develops and G.P. discovers more of the modern art.  From 1991 he started to develop works of modern art, with a side line of designing a line of sport wear labeled “Jeans Latino” additionally a very well received line of fashion eyewear, designing for  Safilo, Marcolin, Celes, Filos Piave, Valberra.  Pulzeʼs creations were part of collection for Versace, Valentino, Roccobarocco.  A well received collection was the one  inspired by ten great masters of modern art, from Modigliani to  Picasso, Dalì to Fontana and Warhol.  Pulze worked with ceramics, creating collections of Totems/Towers and others objects. In the late 1990 his glance to the fantastic takes Giovanni to study the work of the English painter  Turner and of the German painter C.D. Friedrich from where heʼll learn the sense of “Emptiness” and  the “Loneliness of the Humanity”.   From 1999 the dominate theme of his paintings is the presence of the “Metropolitan Angel”. Since 1999 the dominant theme of his paintings is an apparently banal symbolic figure, but in reality very complex and represented as a "Metropolitan Angel". From 2006 he began attending the artistic and cultural environment of Trieste, home of the contemporary art magazine "Juliet Art Magazine". In this context, the meeting took place in 2012 with the art collector and "connoisseur" Antonio Cattaruzza who will help the artist to exhibit his works in personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad as in Austria and in the USA.